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Helenice and Ronaldo take up a private booth to discuss their relationship of many years

Their affair was an on again, off again, since both of them were in high school

May 22, 2008

05-22-JohnsPub-Helonise -- ronaldo_helonise_01.jpg
First | Previous Picture | Next Picture | Last | Back to index Friday Night after work at Johns Street Pub

Helenice and Ronaldo at Johns Street May 2004

Both Helenice and Ronaldo are originally from Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Helenice only came to the USA a few months ago, Ronaldo had been here for many years


2004, easy, Johns, street, Friday, night, easy, get, together, New York, wings, Manhattan, chicken, Ronaldo, Helenice, Heloisa

Photographs with Dennis' Richo RDC-5300 digital camera