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Tom and Abby at the Entrance of the Moderne Hotel on 55th Street and 8th Avenue in Manhattan, New York

Dennis made the reservations for them

June 11, 2014, Wednesday

2014-06-12 -- 2014_06_11_14_24_17___0001.jpg

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Moderne Hotel

The Moderne Hotel is a boutique facility. 

All hotel rooms in New York City are small - it is common that even walking around the bed is cramped. The hotel has stylish common areas but little extra space in the rooms.

We liked the location and the staff of the hotel was terrific, even offering us umbrella loaners on a rainy day.  We were annoyed that so much room counter space was consumed by for sale stuff like shampoo, etc

June, 2014, Hotel, Moderne, door, 55th, Street, Tom, Broadway, Abbey, location
Dennis took most of the Photographs with his Canon PowerShot SX50 HS