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Windows Phone Photos in Wisconsin December 2014 at the Durand Farm

A Warm and Memorable Holiday Season in the Midwest

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2014-12-31-heltons-winphone-to-2015-0116 (10 images)
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Dennis at the Milwaukee Airport Emogene and Dennis on December 14 Helton and Debbie and Dennis Helton and Sharon and Dennis Most Excellent Lasangne Helton on a cold Wisconsin Day Helton relaxes in the family room on Christmas Day The minor Christmas Tree at Sherri's Santa's Elf Dennis The perfect cheese balls made by Helton

Helton and Dennis arrived on Thursday December 11th.  The family celebrate Christmas Day December 25 2014. The holiday was on Thursday in 2014.  Food and drink and a very good time.  Helton left on the 26th but Dennis stayed until Tuesday January 6, 2015 

Grandmother, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, grandsons andgranddaughters and friends made it a great family holiday


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