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Emogene talks to daughter Sherri and great-son Jared

A common area at Dove Healthcare, West, in Eau Claire Wisconsin

February 12, 2017

2017-02-12-emo-at-dove -- 2017_02_12_emgene_at_dove_img_0680.jpg
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cantankerousEmogoene, Sherri and Jared in a common area of Dove Healthcare

Emogene was released from Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire in the morning

We would have a meeting with staff, a progress report on her therapy and condition in two days.  Emm was again hospitalized the next day, Monday.  Tuesday, the next day she was returned to Dove.  By the afternoon, Emogene took her therapy.  We, Sherri, Jared and Dennis then had a pleasant conversation with Emm on

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Photos by Dennis with his iPhone 4s