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Emogene in Rockefeller Plaza in New York, April 1988 on a spring vacation

Mom Scans and Photos over the Years

April 27, 1988

 Dennis was working at American Express and took time off to enjoy his mother while they visited the sites

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Emogene at Rockefeller Center 1988

Emogene and Dennis first visited New York City in about 1952.  They returned with Delores, when her sister had driven to Wisconsin with her Husband Louis Yannone.

There was airport security in 1988

The threat was not great, and the security was not tight.  Dennis was a long way from home, and Mom Emogene was a long way from Dennis.  Air port security waved Dennis through to see his mom to the gate as she left.  There was tears to see her go and there was gratitude to the man that waved us through to see Mom off


Yannone, New York, Rockefeller, 1988, April, Delores, Dennis, vacation, Wisconsin, Louis, 1952