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Office and floor staff at Woolworth Store 956 in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Located on 35th and North Avenue

October 10, 1973

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Evelyn, Adeline and Marion at Woolworth

Adeline Glienke and Evelyn would retire

Beautiful Adeline had been a Woolworth Manager

Women were promoted to Manager positions during the World War II years.  Adeline managed the Woolworth store from 1941 to 1946.  She was asked to give up her position when the "boys" came home from the war.  Adeline never married, she gave up her social life to devote all her time to Woolworth, and lost her suitors.  Adeline was very bitter by this time, and she was prejudiced about the changing community

Evelyn transferred from another Milwaukee Woolworth store, on Milwaukee's south side,, when it closed.  Evelyn was a sensitive person and she never felt accepted, as part of the group, by the other much longer termed staff at Store 956.  Dennis had been assistant manager on the management training program at the not yet closed south side store.  Evelyn was extremely devoted to Dennis and would have quit her job if Dennis was not there

Marion was a floor person who was promoted to the office position when Adeline retired. The local store offices were discontinued in the late 1970, one "remote office" managed the individual stores bookkeeping.  Marion got promoted to "remote office" when the change was made

The smocks identified the floor person positions.  All three of these women were career Woolworth staff

I became good friends with the retirees and continued the friendships even after I left the company in 1979.  Evelyn retired to Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin and Evelyn to her home near the store

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Digitized by Dennis, May 2015