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Black and White Photos of Dennis's Visit from Milwaukee in July 1972

1974-07-27 (16 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.
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1974_07_27_debbie_scott_randall_and_dennis.jpg 1974_07_27_debbie_tom_peggy_scott_randall_02.jpg Best Friends Tom and Dennis 1972 Randall Family in July 1972 Augusta Debbie and Thomas Randall in 1972 Peggy Scott and Debbie Randall Scott and Debbie Colorful John and Sherri Dennis and John Sherri with her dad Brother and Sister in Color Sherri Donadean and Dennis Duwayne John and Sherri Knuth Dennis With his Dad July 1972 Gus Mcloud and Marge Rosga State Fair Park in Milwaukee 1972

American Gothic, 1972 Style - Visit to Augusta Wisconsin

Summertime Fun in Northern Wisconsin

Visiting family and friends, famers and city dwellers in Augusta Wisconsin.  The farm is a Wisconsin family dairy farm and the city is a town of about 1,200.  This is a great place to grown up. 

Stopping to visit dear friends Tom and Peggy and their kids, Scott and Debbie. Stopping to see Dad and sister Sherri Donadean.  Dad was 49 and sis was 16

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2014 scanned photos by Dennis from a family photo album