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Tess' Tap tavern with Tess Boehm as the owner of favorite Milwaukee neighborhood bar

It's Tess' birthday and we celebrate as she works

September 12, 1977

1977-09-00-tess-birthday -- tess_01.jpg
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Tess Boehn proprietor at Tess' Tap in Milwaukk

Tess working on her birthday

This is Tess as she appeared for a long career, daily, at her bar; Tess and Tony Boehm were the owners. 

Milwaukee as a beer town

Tess' Tap was a representative of Germans settling Milwaukee and helping it grow into one of the larger cities in the US.  This photo was taken in the 1970's. There were still neighborhood taverns on every block in the older parts of the city.  Literally, some of the very old neighborhoods, there were bars on every corner. 

Milwaukee in the 1970 had changed zoning but existing taverns could grandfather their existence.  The working class and factory working would be in late shifts, finish at 6am.  Old laws allowed bars open at 6 am and stay open late as long as they could be closed for 4 hours.  Tess' Tap was part of this beer drinking tradition

party, Tess, birthday, 1977, Marge, neighborhood, Gus, bar, Dennis, Tap
Photos by Dennis with a Polaroid SX70 instant camera