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Dennis and Tess took the Milwaukee Country Zoo in as part of her Birthday Celebration

An after noon with the animals

September 12, 1977

1977-09-00-tess-birthday -- tess_at_the_zoo.jpg
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Tess Boehm in the Bird House of the Milwaukee County Zoo

Tess in the bird house at the zoo

Tess was full of laughter and good times.  She loved posing with flamingos in the bird house

Dennis, as a Woolworth manager, in these times during the 1970's, had Sunday and then another weekday off.  Tess was Tess' Tap proprietor and owner:  Tess would usually work later afternoon to closing and Tony, her husband, would open the bar and work until Tess started.  Dennis and Tess scheduled their zoo trip when there time off coincided.   We went to the zoo for her birthday adventure and then join our other friends for celebrating Tess' birthday at Tess' Tap 

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Photos by Dennis with a Polaroid SX70 instant camera