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Marge and Gus, daily customers at Tess' Tap and Tess Boehm

Gus McLeod, Marge Rosga, and Dennis planned the surprise

September 12, 1977

1977-09-00-tess-birthday -- tess_marge_and_gus.jpg
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Marge Tess and Gus

Gus and Marge were daily regulars at Tess' Tap

It was a party, it was a birthday and it was a celebration of Tess' birthday. 

These photos are published in 2016, both Marge and Gus are gone so I feel free to make these reminisces

Gus was a friend of mine. Gus was a confirmed alcoholic.  He was recovering for all his life.  Gus would be sober for days, weeks, and months.  He would go off the wagon for days and sometimes disappear.  He would get abusive (never physical as far as I know) with Marge, children, friends or strangers and then wake up, regretful.  And then go back on the wagon again

Marge was a friend of mine.  Marge would drink everyday.  Usually just enough to get high but sometimes more than that.  Gus and Marge's relationship worked well most of the time and both would confide in me privately.

Gus and Marge had two kids together, Debbie and Scott, and there was a third older boy from Gus' earlier relationship.

Marge worked for me as lunch counter manager.  We became friends and she introduced me to her family.  I started to adore her kids.

Everyone enjoyed Gus and Marge's company as I did.  Their relationship was volatile but I hope I had a somewhat tempering effect on the kids lives

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Photos by Dennis with a Polaroid SX70 instant camera