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Laughing with Ardith.  We started New Years Eve day with a get together at Sherri and Gary's

New Years Eve 1999 in Durand Wisconsin

December 31,1999

Milwaukee, Durand, Augusta, Eau Claire Wisconsin were Visited by Helton and Dennis from New York

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Ardith and Dennis Laugh

Ardith and Dennis Laugh

The relationship of a man's second wife with his adult children is difficult in most families.  They never get to know their "second" mother.  This New Years Eve day is the first time and the only time that I can say I ever had a really good time with Ardith.  We were buddies for the eventful holiday.  It was the one time and only time every one thousand years that all four digits of the year change on the calendar.  It was a special holiday

Photos of Friends and Family on New Years Eve 1999 and New Years Day 2000

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