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Family in front of the fireplace at Dove nursing home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Dennis, Jared and Sherri visit on a Sunday

February 12, 2017

2017-02-12-emo-at-dove -- 2017_02_12_emgene_at_dove_img_0678.jpg
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cantankerousDennis, Janed and Emogene in front of the fireplace

Emogene freshly emerged from the shower, with Dennis and Jared

Sherri and Dennis had cared for Emogene in her one a year before this event

Emogene is 91 years old in this photograph.  It is difficult to get my elder Mother to take a shower.  Sherri could always do it.  In fact, due to the time in recuperating in the hospital and transferring to the nursing home, Emm had not taken a shower for two weeks

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Photos by Dennis with his iPhone 4s